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Head Coach | Team Director | USSA & USASA Level 300
Guf, as the USASA and US Snowboard Coaches Education Program Central Division Coaches Representative, is the voice of every coach in the Upper Midwest Alt, Midwest Best, and Raging Buffalo Regional Point Series.

With over 16 years of professional coaching experience as one of the nation’s most sought after USASA, USSA, and USSCEP Level 300 certified snowboard coaches, Guf has had the opportunity to work with the USSA Project Gold, Jr. Project Gold, and Jr. Worlds Teams, the USASA All American Team, the US Deaf Ski and Snowboard Association Deaf Olympic Team, the National Sports Center’s Community Olympic Development Program, and Windells Academy. As a past Boardercross and Slopestyle course designer for the USSA Revolution Tour and a former USASA Regional Events Director Guf understands the inner workings of both organizations.

Being a proud member of the USASA since 1993 Guf’s passion for athletic excellence can be found in his competitive background in multiple USASA National Championships, the Vans Triple Crown Tour, the USSA Grand Prix Tour, and the Burton Global Open Series. His personal goal is to strengthen the nation’s quality of coaches through his significance and broad reach of the USSCEP all while providing an opportunity for Vision Elite Snowboard Team members to achieve their utmost potential.

Sarah Lang
Sarah LangPresident | USSA & USASA Level 200
With over 9 years of professional coaching experience, and over 19 years of riding, Sarah has strengthened snowboard programs across the nation from Oregon to Minnesota. Coaching professional riders within the realm of the Aspen Open, USSA Revolution Tours, and USASA regional and Nationals Championships on many occasions, Sarah has more than broad base of understanding – she excels coaching at the highest level.

Sarah loves being a coach for all of the right reasons. She loves sharing her passion and drive for snowboarding with riders of any age and skill. For Sarah, being a coach is more than just snowboarding, it is the building blocks and fundamentals that shape any rider into the best athlete they can be, while helping each rider transform themselves into a well rounded individuals for professional growth.

Sam Brueggeman
Sam BrueggemanHead South Coach | Hyland Hills | USSA & USASA Level 200
With eight years experience coaching at USASA regional and national level contests and as one of Vision Elite’s most long standing coaches Sam oversees operations of the Hyland Hills and Buck Hill teams.

Sam’s pinpointed focus for his coaches and riders define excellence through progressive action that leads to results that matter. Close connectedness and relationships with Sam’s riders build synergy that drive riders to reflect internally and express achievements through skill development.

Myles Grote
Myles Grote Head North Coach | Trollhaugen | USSA & USASA Level 200
By building long term development framework for the Wild Mountain, Trollhaugen, and Afton Alps team’s affairs Myles’ coaches and riders success reaches beyond all expectations.

With a unique ability to guide riders to trust intuition Myles advances experiences and builds everlasting determination. As a veteran USASA regional and national level coach and his sought after terrain park consultation services Myles adds a golden element to Vision Elites’ accomplishments.

Jon Lord
Jon LordHyland Hills | USSA & USASA Level 200
Jon’s methodical capability to draw the best out of his riders is like clockwork. By balancing progressive technique advancement and the enrichment of positive thinking Jon’s riders reach new heights at every practice.
Joe Totall
Joe TotallHyland Hills | USASA Level 100
Persistence pays off and every one of Joe’s riders has learned it. Stacked with the willingness to cultivate a culture of inner strength and perfection Joe is deeply dedicated to his riders.
Gus Morely
Gus MorelyAfton Alps | USASA Level 100
As the Vision Elite Strength and Conditioning coach Gus’ experiences as an effective certified trainer bring each rider to a high dimension. With a capability to construct confidence and adaptability Gus’s riders are ready for it all.
John Broderson
John BrodersonBuck Hill | USASA Level 100
Zach Soderholm
Zach SoderholmBuck Hill | USASA Level 100 In Training
Jack Holland
Jack HollandTrollhaugen | USASA Level 100 In Training

The Vision Elite Snowboard Team coaching staff is second to none.  Continued coaches education is provided to all Vision Elite Snowboard Team coaches through the cross training and on-snow training phase. With their combined experience as professional USASA, USSA, and USSCEP certified coaches and as former professional athletes, the Vision Elite Snowboard Team coaching staff bestows state of the art training philosophies while reducing risk and building a framework for proper skill advancement.  The 5:1 rider to coach ratio has led to the Vision Elite Snowboard Team’s success at all regional and national level USASA and USSA contests.